What is Linux?
Linux is an open source and free operating system based on UNIX. Linux OS Shop wants to help distribute Linux to everybody.

What is Linux OS Shop selling?

Linux OS Shop sells a service of burning free Linux Distribution ISOs to DVDs. Customer chooses Linux Distributions from the shop and completes the purchase. Linux OS Shop receives customer order, burns the selected Linux distributions to DVDs and ships them customers.

Can anybody make Linux DVDs?

Most common distributions like Debian, Linux Mint and Ubuntu are published under GPL license, which grants any user permission to redistribute, copy and sell them. See the whole license here, https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt and GPL License FAQ about selling copies. Linux OS Shop is authorized to sell DVD that contain the Linux distributions that are on available on the shop.

Who is this service for?

Linux OS Shop burns Linux distributions to DVDs for customers who want to install or try different Linux distributions, but who don’t want or cannot burn the ISOs by themselves. You need to have DVD burner and Internet connection to burn the ISO by yourself and the technical ability to do so.

What is included in the price of a DVD?

The price listed for the DVDs are based on the cost of empty DVD media, labor of burning the DVDs, sourcing the ISOs, printing the DVD paper sleeves and shipping costs (free inside EU). Linux OS Shop doesn’t charge anything for the free software in the DVDs.

How is the quality ?

The quality of the burned DVDs are very good. We provide the discs with a clear jewel case or a paper sleeve based on availability. The DVDs are burned with a high quality Lite On SHM-165 DVD Burner with speed of 12X for increased reliability.

Do you have inventory and what is your production capacity?

We keep a minimum inventory. Linux OS Shop production capacity is max 50 discs per day and is scalable if needed.

Can I have a free sample?

Yes, you can. Free samples are offered for a limited period of time. Use coupon code FREESAMPLE at checkout. Linux OS Shop hopes you can write a review of the product for the shop.

Do you offer support?

Linux OS Shop tests the DVDs before shipping. We guarantee readability of the burned DVD media. If there is a faulty DVD you can return it to us and we will send you a new for free. There is no support for hardware compability and installation issues.

Do you have a blog about Linux?

Linux OS Shop has a blog with various guides about the use of Linux distributions. There is no other support for the installation of the DVDs or for the usage of Linux distros.

Can I have the source code of the Linux distributions?

Yes, the source code is available upon request. Contact sales@linuxosshop.eu

Which payment options you have?

At the moment we have PayPal as only payment option. Your credit card information is handled securely by PayPal.

Which shipping service you use?

We ship with Finnish Postal Service, 1. class in small white envelope. If you want tracked shipping, it costs 11,90 € – 19,30€ based on weight. Tracked shipping is best for multiple DVDs. Delivery time in EU is usually 5 days and 1-3 weeks elsewhere. You will receive tracking number and also a confirmation, if you chose tracked shipping, after your order has been shipped

Are my personal details safe?

Yes, we never share your personal details with third party. We only use your address and name for shipping the DVD to you. If you want to receive a weekly newsletter containing updates to the shop, you can subscribe when you make an order. You can unsubscribe at any time. Linux OS Shop uses SSL encryption.

Do you accept returns?

Linux OS Shop doesn’t accepts returns at the moment.

I ordered a wrong distribution, can I get the distribution I really want?

If you happen to order incorrect distribution, you can get a new disc within 30-day since purchase. Please send email to sales@linuxosshop.eu to request a replacement.